Here lies the poor lost souls who never made it into my showreel (or might do one day). These were either just random ideas I've created in my spare time or they've been parts of projects for various clients but didn't fit with the rest of the showreel.  Thought I'd throw them a bit of limelight as they've each got their place.

Samurai Soundwave. This is a personal project I've been chipping away at in my spare time. I wanted to push a few boundaries with this one, so I modelled and textured everything myself. I rigged the mask and motion captured my face to create the movement. It was a little tricky, but with a few attempts, I got this working. I then combined all of this in After Effects, added the glowing shapes with Stardust and linked the movement to the audio with Freq React. It's still an ongoing project as I don't think it's quite there yet, but it's going well so far. 

This is a project I worked on with Nexus for the Chicago Bulls AR app. I was asked to create guide animations for how this app might work. I worked with some fantastic designers and creatives along the way and it was great to bring their designs to life. After I completed my work, I was told the Bulls loved the animations so much, the final version of the app is almost exactly what I made.
For this project, I wanted to build everything from scratch in 3D, including the coffee jar, the materials, lighting etc. There was an extremely fast turnaround on the project so the pressure was on, but overall, I'm pleased with the end result. 

This is a promotional piece I created while at NBC Universal for a live stage performance in Paris named 'Piege Pour Cendrillon'. I have no idea what's going on here but they really wanted everything on fire, so maybe it's about the implications of insurance fraud? I created the particle effect in Trapcode Particular. The flaming text and smoke effect was made with Sabre. Everything else was animated in After Effects.

I created this for Disney and it's to promote the children's TV show 'The Lion Gaurd'. It's aimed at toddlers and is a count the animals game. I didn't have the version with the VO added but trust me, that's a good thing. This was all animated with 3D layers and the puppet tool inside After Effects. I'm not really a character animator but I can be persuaded to make anything for enough money.

This is a little side project I made in my spare time to mess about with Trapcode Mir and Freq React Audio. I didn't have a specific goal in mind but wanted to experiment with audio driven water effects.

I wanted to experiment with an AR effect, although this isn't live inside an app, I created it retrospectively. After awkwardly filming an advertising screen at Westfeild and baffling onlookers, I took the footage home and tracked it  with the 3D camera tracker. I drew the laughing logo in Illustrator and animated it with 3D layers in After Effects. The depth effect was created with masks, layers and camera tracking.

Just for fun. I wanted to see how realistic I could generate snow with Trapcode Particular in After Effects. I layered this over an image I found online and the end result wasn't too shabby if I say so myself.

A short but sweet animated logo I created for carwow with a beginning and end wipe for their channel.

This was created for the on screen advertisements NatWest have inside their banks. I created this inside Cinema 4D using various MoGraph Effectors. This was then composed inside of After Effects.

I created this while at Landor Associates. They were launching their new package branding for Kellogg's Corn Flakes and wanted the packet to be animated and projected onto an oversized cereal box. It didn't animate all at once as shown here. It was displayed one side at a time while they spoke about the product at the live event. I've pieced it altogether for display purposes here. All animated inside After Effects. 

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