I was commissioned to create a concept design for a new rum brand called 'Santeria'. They wanted a design that would encompass the stories around the Santerian Saint 'Ogun' and strike up conversation between bartender and customer. They were after an off the wall approach to the design and something that would represent the art style of Bristol where the brand originated.
The design is littered with secret meanings and hidden references to the stories from the Santerian religion as I wanted to create something that inspire the consumer to know more and ask questions.

A portrait of the lead signer of the band 'Plastique'. I was commissioned to create this to help promote their tour. All painted in Photoshop.

An illustration I created years back for a local pub in Bristol called the Golden Lion (surprisingly). They have their walls covered in different Golden Lion pictures created by local artists. This was sketched out in Photoshop then imported into Illustrator for the finished design. 

A book cover illustration I was commissioned to create for the author 'Beth Webb'. This was the last book in the series and although I illustrated all the books for this, I'd say this one is a personal favourite. Created in Photoshop.

A quick illustration of a hawk created in Photoshop using a Wacom. No particular reason for this, just for fun and who doesn't appreciate a decent hawk picture now and then?

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